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Interstate 44 – Provides our companies with easy access to their respective markets. Interstates 64, 55, 70 are all within 50 miles or less via Interstate 44, providing you and your company further access to the rest of North America.

U.S. Highway 50, Missouri 47 (all AAA rated highways – 80,000 pound gross load limit) provide quick access to Interstate 44 and beyond.

Over 20 trucking firms provide interstate and/or intrastate service to Union. Several companies maintain a local terminal in Franklin County.

map   Union, Missouri is located at the crossroads of US Highway 50 and Missouri Highway 47.  At 36,000+ VPD, this intersection has one of the highest traffic volumes in the Franklin County region. 

Traffic Volume Data can be viewed via an interactive map at MoDOT.org.

Highway Distance to Selected Market Centers

 City  Miles    City  Miles
 Atlanta, GA  605    Omaha, NE  408
 Baltimore, MD  917    Philadelphia, PA  965
 Birmingham, AL  553    Saint Louis, MO  50
 Boston, MA  1,245    Wichita, KS  474
 Buffalo, NY  796    Louisville, KY  312
 Charlotte, NC  778    Los Angeles, CA  1,875
 Chicago, IL  280    Kansas City, MO  237
 Cincinnati, OH  404    Jacksonville, FL  950
 Nashville, TN  375    Indianapolis, IN  260
 New Orleans, LA  735    Houston, TX  845



Lambert – Saint Louis International Airport Distance: 60 miles Travel Time: 1 hour Notes: Lambert – Saint Louis International Airport serves as an American Airlines hub with numerous domestic and international flight opportunities. (314) 426–8000 www.flystl.com

Spirit of St. Louis Airport 18270 Edison Avenue Chesterfield, MO  63005 Distance: 34 miles Travel Time: 45 minutes Notes:  Spirit Airport features a 7,485 foot all weather runway, 5,000 foot parallel runway, precision approaches, FAA Control Tower, and 24-hour Customs Services.  (636) 532-2222 www.spiritairport.com

Washington Regional Airport 12958 State Highway 47 Marthasville, MO  63357 Distance: 10 miles Travel Time: 15 minutes Notes: Offers 5000’ concrete runway and services small business jets and most turbo props.  (636) 433–5454 http://www.washav.com


The Missouri Eastern Railroad provides continuous branch line service to Franklin County and Union.  The railroad's location in the center of the country with access to six class I railroads, multiple interstate highways, and the Mississippi River offers current and future customers tremendous reach across the United States.

Contact: info@jag-transport.com or (417) 622-0384



NOTE: River port access lies less than 60 miles east of Union in Saint Louis and Jefferson County via Interstate 44 and/or Interstate 55.

Saint Louis River Port Authority 1015 Locust Street, Suite 1200 St. Louis, MO 63101 (314) 622–3400

The officially defined Port of Metropolitan St. Louis extends 70 miles along both banks of the Mississippi River from the southern boundary of Jefferson County, Missouri at Mississippi River Mile 138.8 (above the Ohio River) to the northern boundary of Madison County, Illinois at river mile 208.8 (above the Ohio River) which, in addition to the City of St. Louis Port Authority, encompasses many Illinois municipalities. A total of 134 piers, wharves and docks are located within the Port of Metropolitan St. Louis. There are 76 wharves and docks on the Missouri side and 58 on the Illinois side. There are more than 55 fleeting areas, allowing barges to be tied up along the river while awaiting movement opportunities. The Port of Metropolitan St. Louis is the second largest inland port tonnage-wide in the U.S., handling more than 31 million tons annually. Petroleum, chemicals, grain and coal represent approximately 80 percent of the cargo handled at the port.

Jefferson County Port Authority P.O. Box 603  Hillsboro, MO 63050  (636) 797-5337

At Mississippi River mile 150, the Jefferson County Port is located just south of metropolitan St. Louis near Interstate 55, the first north-south artery to intersect each of the east-west interstate highways west of the Mississippi River. U.S. Highways 61 and 67 are located approximately one half mile away. Underground storage in excess of 1,000 square feet is also available. Access to both Union Pacific and Burlington Northern-Santa Fe Railroads is provided at the port site.