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A Stable, Competitive and Productive Workforce  


Geographic.  As part of the St. Louis Metropolitan Statistical   Area, the location provides advantages with both urban and rural amenities   for its workforce, having a vast workforce talent pool within easy commute   and the cost advantages found in more rural areas.


Education and Training.  Local job training programs are offered   through East Central College's customized   training program. Several of the nation's finest four-year Universities and   Colleges are within an easy commute, offering the area a highly trained   workforce.


Quality of Life.  The area boasts of several recreational opportunities   and residents enjoy the small-town feel as well as the lower cost of living   associated with small-town living, while still having access to the big city   amenities. 


Existing Industry.  The strong presence of manufacturing in Franklin   County makes the area more attractive to suppliers and advanced manufacturing   firms.


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Workforce Overview 

Franklin County Unemployment Rate  (December 2018)
Source:  Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (FRED) 


Union, MO Population (2010 Census)
Population Estimate (2017)


Population Employed in Union, MO


Total Laborshed Workforce (ages 15-69) 


Number of Workers  within 50 Miles


Average Franklin County Wage (2016)

 $18.15 /hr