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Temporary Mobile Concessions (Food Trucks)

Anyone operating a temporary mobile concession (food truck) must apply for a business license.

When completing your Business License Application, please review additional requirements that may apply to your business:

The following items are required for Temporary Mobile  Concessions (FOOD TRUCKS)  operating in Union city limits:

  1. Temporary Mobile Concession (Food Truck) License Application
  2. Proof of State of Missouri Business Registration – More information
  3. Proof of State of Missouri DBA (Doing Business As) Fictitious Name Registration (if applicable) – Fictitious Name Definition & Online Registration
  4. Proof of current Franklin County Health Department License – More information
  5. Food Trucks must schedule an inspection with the Union Fire Protection District (636-583-2515)
  6. A Missouri Sales Tax ID number – More information
  7. Proof of “No Tax Due” with the State of Missouri - More information


Section 405.637.2 Temporary Mobile Concessions.

  1. Any license issued by the City can be revoked and its holder be subject to the general penalties of violation of any City Ordinances, if any of the regulations are not
  2. Temporary Mobile Concessions vendors shall be limited to the following Zoning Districts set forth in Chapter 405 ZONING CODE of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Union:
    1. All Residential Districts-as long as the vendor is not located in the same location for more than 5 minutes at a time.
    2. Planned Mobile Home Parks
    3. All Business Districts
    4. Industrial Districts
  3. Any Food truck shall not obstruct streets or sidewalks and shall maintain 4-foot minimum clearance distance from sidewalks for pedestrians and accessibility.  All sales shall be on curbside window.  Vendor shall operate in such a manner to provide safe travel to both pedestrians and motor vehicles.
  4. Food truck/trailer parked on private property shall have written permission from property owner.
  5. Food truck/trailer shall not obstruct any streets, alleys, accessible parking spaces, nor accessible routes, or loading zones, private or public driveway.
  6. Food truck/trailer shall operate in a manner that does not obstruct the operation of vehicle or pedestrian traffic.
  7. Food truck/trailer shall only park and operate on paved surfaces.
  8. No food truck/trailer shall operate within 1000 feet of a city sponsored special event.
  9. No food truck/trailer shall operate within 500 feet of an existing restaurant. EXCEPTION: This prohibition shall not apply to “Special Events” approved by the Board of Alderman.
  10. Applicant shall acquire all necessary health department/fire department/building department permits & inspections.  Franklin County Health department requires an inspection.
  11. All food trucks/trailers must be properly state registered and licensed to operate on any street or highway of this City.
  12. All food truck/trailer/pushcart operators shall apply for and obtain a sales tax identification number from the state of Missouri and shall remit all sales tax collected to the appropriate authorities.
  13. Food truck/trailer/pushcarts participating in City Sponsored or City approved special events shall be required to obtain a business license.  The City sponsored events typically have a fee established by the department planning the event and the participant must follow all regulations.
  14. All Food trucks/trailers/pushcarts operating on City of Union property shall indemnify and save harmless the City of Union for all suits or actions brought against the City for or on account of any injuries or damages received or sustained by any party or parties for or from the said vendor and must also provide a City Approved copy of certificate of general liability insurance.
  15. All food trucks/ trailers/ pushcarts must dispose of all trash and cooking oil in a proper manner and shall provide waste receptacles for customers of the food truck.

Section 605.090 Fees.

  1. Annual License.  Applicants for an Annual Temporary Mobile Concession (Food Truck) license shall pay a non-refundable one hundred dollar ($100.00) fee to the City.  The cost of an annual renewal of said license, as required by Section 605.070, shall be one hundred dollars ($100.00).    The license will be issued for a period of one-year from date of issuance.
  2. One-time Event License.  Applicants for a One-Time Event Temporary Mobile Concession (Food Truck) license shall pay a non-refundable twenty-five dollars ($25) which is limited to one City Sponsored event in each calendar year per vendor.