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Home Occupation License

If you are a resident of the City of Union and reside in a “R-1,” “R-2,” or “R-3” zoned district and conduct a “business” out of your home, you are REQUIRED by City Code of Ordinances to apply for a home occupation license.

Examples of permitted home occupations include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:  tutoring, artist, mailings, telephone answering service, internet-related occupations.  Uses specifically prohibited include, the following:  auto and truck repair, auto sales, vehicle painting, storage of construction materials or equipment, retail and wholesale sales, eating or drinking establishments.  No advertising or business signs are permitted at the home.

  • Issued only to individual occupying the residence and business is conducted only by persons residing within the residence.
  • Business is to be conducted within the dwelling (residence) and/or in the garage.
  • Business use shall not occupy more than 20% of the total floor area of the dwelling.
  • Applicants for a home occupation license must send a certified letter to all property owners within 200 feet of the property notifying them of the intent to conduct a home occupation.  (The City Clerk's office will provide a mailing list.)
  • No advertising or business signs are permitted.
  • No outdoor storage or display.
  • No retail or wholesale sales allowed on the premises.
  • The home occupation shall not produce offensive noises, sounds, vibrations, or odors.
  • The home occupation shall not require additional off-street parking spaces for clients or customers.
  • No additional traffic generation than normally generated at a residence.
  • Only normal domestic or household equipment shall be used in the home occupation.

A home occupation license application is available at the City Clerk’s office at Union City Hall.  The filing fee is fifty dollars ($50.00) and the renewal is thirty dollars ($30.00) and is renewable each year before April 30th.  Renewal notices are mailed in March.  Once the completed form is returned to City Hall, the City Administrator will review and approve or disapprove.  If disapproved the business owner may appeal and appear before the Board of Aldermen.

The ordinance regarding Home Occupations can be found in Chapter 605. Business Licenses of the Municipal Code.