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Temporary Vendor or Solicitor License

In accordance with Chapter 610 of the Municipal Code, the City of Union regulates the activities of solicitors, canvassers and peddlers in order to promote and protect the public heath, safety and welfare of it's citizens. 

Anyone engaged in business of a temporary or transient nature that goes from door to door without prior specific invitation or appointment, or who engages in a business from a non-permanent structure or vehicle must apply for a temporary vendor or solicitor license.  The term temporary or transient shall mean less than one hundred twenty (120) consecutive days or less than one hundred eighty (180) days within a calendar year.

A solicitor's, canvasser's, peddler's or street peddler's permit shall be carried at all times by the applicant to whom issued when soliciting or canvassing in the City and shall be exhibited by such applicant whenever he/she shall be requested to do so by a Police Officer or any person solicited.


 1 Day Only:  $50.00
 2-30 Days:  $100.00
 31-120 Days  $150.00

All solicitors, canvassers or peddlers who conduct business door-to-door will be investigated by the Chief of Police in order to protect the public interest due to the fact that such activities involve unsolicited contact usually at a person's residence.  There shall be a waiting period of two (2) business days in order to process the application and complete the investigation. 

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For more information, contact:

Jonita Copeland, City Clerk
City Hall
10 E. Locust Street
Union, MO  63084
Phone:  (636) 583-3600 ext. 1104