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Business License FAQ

NOTE: If your question is not answered here or if you do not see mention of your topic, please reference the entire “Chapter 6: Business and Occupation” Municipal Code Ordinance or call the Community Development Department at (636) 583-3600 for application help.  If you wish to visit us, we are located at Union City Hall, 10 East Locust Street, Union, MO  63084.


When do I need a business license?

What fees do I pay for a business license?

I run a non-profit business.  Do I need a business license?

I want to open a business using my home as my business location.  What do I need to obtain permission to do so?

My business is growing and I'd like to open up another store on the other side of the City.  Can I use the same business license?

Do I need a license with the City of Union if I currently have a license with Franklin County?

What businesses do not need to obtain a business license?

What do I need to do for changes to existing licenses?

How often is a license required to be renewed?

I want to open a mobile food cart in Union.  Do I need a business license?