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Business Licenses

Welcome to the City of Union Business License information page. The City of Union is excited that you’ve chosen to operate a business in our city and we value the many businesses that have made Union their home. 

The City of Union requires all businesses physically located within the city of Union to have a business license.  Additionally, a business license is also required for any business that comes into the city of Union to do business. Certain businesses as well as professional occupations may be exempt if excluded by virtue of RSMo 71.620

The purpose of a business license is to regulate and license businesses within Union; to determine if businesses are operating within applicable laws and ordinances; to maintain a safe environment for the general public; and to assure that zoning, building, and fire codes are enforced.  In addition, licensing enables the City to maintain a database of businesses within the City that is used for police emergency responses, sales tax purposes, and a multitude of demographic studies. Public information that is collected on the business license application is available to the community and is also beneficial in providing assistance to the business community for economic development purposes and coordinating business information with other government agencies.

Business licenses must be purchased each calendar year and are valid from May 1 to April 30.  All City of Union business license application fees are $50.00 (non-refundable).  Any business which begins operation on or after November 15 shall be charged a fee of  50% of the license fee.   

Licenses are renewable before May 1st each year at $50.00. If not renewed by May 1st additional fines may be imposed through Municipal Court due to an ordinance violation.  

Please contact the City of Union Community Development Department if you have any questions.  The Community Development Department is located at City Hall,  10 E. Locust Street, Union, MO 63084.

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