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Engineering / Building Department


Contact us:

City Hall (West Entrance)
10 E. Locust Street
Union, MO  63084

Phone:  (636) 583-1805
Fax:  (636) 583-4091

JD Kelley, City Engineer

Kevin Scheer, Building Inspector

Donna Kossmann, Engineering Assistant


The Building & Engineering Department is in place to assure that any structure built or any renovations that are made are safe. You will need to get a permit for any plumbing or electrical work, any structural building, any irrigation system, any sign,  swimming pool, fences, sheds, garages, decks, roofs over patio’s or decks, carports, HVAC, etc. We are located at 10 E. Locust Street at the west entrance across from the Zion Church. 

You do NOT need a permit to paint, replace or install flooring, cabinets, countertops, putting new shingles on a roof, siding, replacing doors or windows if they are the same size as the window or door opening that is existing, pouring concrete for driveways or patios, etc. 


Code Enforcement

The Building / Engineering Department is responsible for Code Enforcement as it relates to building projects.   If you have a concern or a complaint, please fill out our complaint form and submit it to us.  We cannot respond to a complaint or concern without a signed form. 

Please note that if your complaint is about "black mold", we have no way of testing a sample to determine if it really is black mold.  Therefore, we cannot do anything about that.  You will have to find a testing lab that does the test for black mold and take the results to your landlord.  

They will  respond to citizen complaints as fast as possible by determining if a violation has occurred, alerting the responsible party that they are in violation, and enforcing compliance through the legal process.

You may submit a complaint using the form below and deliver to the Building Department, City Hall (West Entrance), 10 E. Locust Street, Union, MO 63084 or fax 636-583-4091 or by email to engineerassistant@unionmissouri.gov.

Complaint Form