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The City of Union owns two cemeteries. 

  • The Union Cemetery, formally known as the Odd Fellows Cemetery, is located at Highway A and Grandview Avenue.
  • Chiles Cemetery is located off of Old County Farm Road.

Cemetery plots in the City cemetery are $150.00 for residents and $200.00 for non-residents.  

Cemetery Regulations:

  1. The following rules shall govern the operation and maintenance of the Union City Cemetery:
    Cement or stone curbings, fences, rails or anything that would interfere with mowing will not be permitted.
  2. All grave stones or grave markers shall be placed within the boundaries of the grave space(s) and shall extend no closer than six (6) inches to the side line of the respective space(s).
  3. No monument shall be allowed on adjacent spaces or into the alleys or passage lines.
  4. No trees, shrubbery or other growth except grass is to be planted on any grave(s) or lot(s). The City shall have the authority to remove any and all such obstructions as may appear.
  5. It is the intent of the City government that the cemetery will be kept mowed and clean, and anything that interferes will not be permitted.
  6. Memorial and/or floral pieces must be placed next to the grave markers so as not to interfere with maintenance of the cemetery. All items will be removed by maintenance crews as they deem necessary for proper cemetery appearance.
  7. Concrete vaults shall be required for all interments.
  8. Mixed, set concrete foundations shall be required as a base for all headstones and shall be a minimum of twenty-four (24) inches deep.
  9. Care and placement of headstones shall be the responsibility of the grave owner.

To purchase a plot or locate a gravesite in the Union Cemetery, please contact:

City Clerk
City Hall
10 E. Locust Street
Union, MO  63084
Phone:  636-583-3600
Fax:  636-583-4091