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Parks & Recreation Mission & Goals

Parks, recreation, and open space provide personal, social, environmental and economic benefits and are important to our quality of life. As the City grows, new places are needed where residents can play, relax, meet their neighbors, and enjoy the natural environment. Thoughtful parks, recreation programming and open space planning makes sure that we continue to improve our quality of life for future generations. This is the charge of the City of Union’s Parks & Recreation Department which includes:


  • Ensuring stakeholders and residents have adequate public involvement opportunities to provide input for decision-making
  • Providing planning and design for new parks, recreation areas, trails, and open space amenities
  • Acquiring new land for neighborhood and community parks, natural areas, and  open space
  • Facilitating the parks giving program, including memorial bench, tree planting, specific event donations and many other parks donation opportunities
  • Joining with area residents, related public agencies, and community partners to continuously improve the quality, safety, availability and accessibility of parks and open space