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Farmers Market Vendor Registration

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Market Rules 

1.  Products:

    1. Only locally produced, handmade, or self-grown products allowed. Reselling of products not grown on your farm or handcrafted by you is prohibited. Exceptions may be made at the sole discretion of The City of Union. 
    2. Vendors are responsible for offering fresh, high quality, fairly priced products. Each vendor may set prices in consideration of customer satisfaction and fairness to other sellers. 
    3. All prices must be clearly posted or marked. Vendors are responsible for paying all State and Local sales taxes. 
    4. Value Added Agricultural Products include raw agricultural products grown by the seller that have been processed or any whose sale a government agency regulates. Examples are jellies, jams, oils, & vinegars.  The members must make all value-added products predominately of material grown or gathered by them. 
    5. Products containing alcohol, CBD, or hemp are not allowed at the City of Union Farmers Market.
    6. Vendors selling eggs, meat and/or dairy products must have the required license from the Missouri Department of Agriculture (MDA). Live animals/poultry is not allowed.
    7. Processed products must be individually wrapped and properly labeled prior to being brought to the Market. All products must follow the guidelines of preparation and labeling set forth in the Farmers Markets instructions found at: http://health.mo.gov/safety/foodsafety/industryfoods/retailfoods/farmersmarkets.phpProcessed food product labels must include the name and address of the Preparer, ingredients in the food and the statement: “This product is prepared in a kitchen that is not subject to inspection by the Department of Health and Senior Services.”

2.  Vendor Responsibilities:

    1. Vendor is required to register with the City of Union. A permit will be issued to registered vendors and must be displayed upon request.
    2. Any state sales tax, USDA licenses, Franklin County Health permits are the responsibility of the vendor.
    3. All vendors must display a sign in their stall clearly identifying the name of the vendor.
    4. Vendor must supply a table and/or display rack for displaying produce/crafts.
    5. Tents and canopies must be no larger than 12’x12’ and safely secured by the vendor with appropriate weights (minimum of 20 lb) on each leg of tent/canopy.
    6. All vendors are responsible for the setup and teardown of their displays, including any items for sale, canopies, etc.
    7. No power is available. If generators are used, they must be quiet, odor-free, and moved away from booths/people.
    8. Setup and Tear down- All Friday Market vendors must arrive at the Market between 2pm and 3:30pm be ready to sell by 4:00 pm. Vendors with multiple "No call No shows" will forfeit ability to vend. Vendors must remain set up until closing time. No breaking down early!
    9. Market Manager reserves the right to move or assign vendors to spaces to improve the overall product placement, layout and function of the Market.
    10. Vehicles must remain in their designated spaces or park outside the market area.  Once market starts, vehicles parked within market area will not be allowed to leave. 
    11. In order to avoid duplication of products being sold, vendors might be asked to rotate turns. There is no seniority. Also, we ask that each vendor declare their primary product to avoid duplication of items sold. If a vendor’s secondary item is another vendor’s primary item and both are present at the market, then the vendor with the secondary item may only display one single item of their secondary product.  For example, Vendor A declares candles (primary) and honey (secondary).  Vendor B declares honey (primary) and soap (secondary).  In this example, Vendor A can only display one single jar of honey.
    12. Once all booth spaces are full, the Market Manager reserves the right to turn away late vendors.
    13. Large Food Trucks are encouraged to arrive early to avoid difficult and tight maneuvering.
    14. Vendors are responsible for cleaning all trash and waste within and around their allotted space.

3.  Other Matters:

    1. Vendors must be a resident of Franklin County or surrounding counties.
    2. The City of Union has waived vendor’s licenses for permit holders.
    3. Vendors must always conduct themselves in a pleasant and courteous manner. All children in care of the vendor must be supervised by an adult at the vendor's booth. No smoking is allowed in the market area at any time.
    4. Weather Policy:  The market will be canceled due to severe thunderstorm warnings, tornado warnings and heat advisories issued by the NOAA National Weather Service

4.  Disputes / Concerns
    1. All disputes shall be settled by the Market Manager.
    2. Anyone not complying with these guidelines will be given a warning by the Market Manager or City of Union Representative the first time; permit will be revoked for a second infraction.
    3. The directions of the Market Manager must be complied with in all matters pertaining to the operation of the market. Complaints or appeals concerning the actions of the Market Manager may be made in writing to the:

Community Development Department
City of Union
10 E. Locust Street
Union, MO 63084
636-583-3600, (9) or via FAX 636-583-4091