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Big News! Congratulations to Rediscover Union Inc. and their partner the City of Union, Missouri another recipient of the third round of the Community Empowerment Grant (CEG). 

The goal of the grant is the development of a sustainable, volunteer-based
organization that will carry out an economic development program based on the preservation of historic assets in the downtown, using the Main Street Approach™ to revitalization.

With support from Missouri Main Street Connection (MMSC), the sponsoring organization, the City of Union, anticipates:
  • Comprehensive and sustainable revitalization in downtown Union.
  • To build on the successes of the community and cultivate future projects for downtown Union with stakeholders in the community.
During the next two years, MMSC will provide Union with training and mentoring while engaging the entire community as participants and beneficiaries. The group will attend regional revitalization workshops and conferences conducted by MMSC.

The Community Empowerment Grant is a 60/40 matching service grant. The total value of the grant in training and mentoring services is $30,800. Union is now designated as an Affiliate in the Missouri Main Street Tier Structure which ranks progress on standards established by Main Street America.

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