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UNION, Missouri - Board of Aldermen terminates Union Expressway Project

During a special meeting of the Board of Aldermen on May 20, 2024 the Board passed a motion to end the City's participation in the Union Expressway project. 

  • This project was the result of MODOT not having the resources available to fix their highway.  Construction, repair, and maintenance of states highways is more properly the responsibility of MODOT and not the County or the City.  MODOT’s task is to move traffic in a safe and efficient manner.
  • The County and the City recognized that something had to be done to make Highway 47 better to handle the increased traffic in the City of Union and to promote the safety of the traveling public, so we agreed to  partnering on funding for design and construction of the combination roundabout and expressway/bridge.
  • Since we initially partnered on this project, funding for Highway 47 improvements between Washington and St Clair have been committed by MODOT in the initial amount of $89 million.
  • MODOT has made it clear that the City of Union would be responsible for the maintenance of the new additions and that the right of way would no longer be MODOT property/responsibility, but that of the City of Union.  We believe that should be a MODOT responsibility.
  • With the change in circumstances since this project began, namely that MODOT now has funding available from the state gas tax increase and other taxpayer funded sources, we believe it is prudent for The City of Union and The County of Franklin to step back and instead push MODOT to take care of their highway as it should have been all along.
  • Inflation has caused the project to increase in cost by more than $4 million than the original estimate, making it difficult for the City to cover the increased costs.
Moving forward, Franklin County and the City of Union will be urging MODOT and East West Gateway Council of Governments to reappropriate any and all dollars initially awarded to County and the City for the project to MODOT,  so that they can do the project in it’s entirety without need of local Governments being encumbered with State responsibilities.